Someday Stories

Series 7 (2023)

The Outlook for Someday is thrilled to feature the below teams for Someday Stories Series 7!  We received a healthy number of applications with the quality of the proposals very high.

The talent and wealth of ideas in the young film-makers sector across Aotearoa is rich and exciting.


The World Around Me

Navigating life as an outsider in Aotearoa a young second-generation Turkish immigrant seeks acceptance and belonging. 

Writer/Director - Hasan Jhan Arslan (he/him)

Producer - Gretchen Hatton (she/her)

Consulting Producer - Angela Cudd (she/her)

I Stand For Consent (documentary)

When a shocking survey reveals the horrific extent of sexual harassment at her old high school, a filmmaker returns to discover what the school & students plan to do now.

Director - Olivia McClymont (she/her)

Producer - Jessica Todd (she/her)


Tō Te Wai

When a young Māori woman who has lost connection with her marae and her culture tries to lead a fundraiser to purchase land owned by farmers and turn it back into a nature reserve; she is forced to confront her fear of reconnection, and the shame of her ignorance.

Director & Co-Writer: Georgia-May Russ [Ngāti Maniapoto] (she/her) 

Co-writer: Michaela Te Awa Bird - [Ngāti whakaue (Te Arawa), Ngāti Manawa Ngāpuhi] (she/her)

Producer: Jewels King - [Tainui / Waikato; Ngāti Ruanui, Te Rarawa, Ngāti Māhanga Hourua] (she/her)


Te Huka o Te Tai (documentary)

A rural community’s way of life is being threatened by the development of a barge facility that promises more jobs and higher pay, but will destroy the seashore in the process. Follow the community of Te Araroa as we take one last stand to protect our way of life.

Director - Keeti Ngatai-Melbourne [Ngāti Porou, Tuhoe] (she/her) 

Producer - Madeleine Hakaraia de Young [Ngāti Kapu] (she/her) & Matilda Poasa [Saleaula, Falelatai, Faleasi’u - Samoa] (she/her)



When an insecure teenage boy gets hit in the balls for the first time while playing cricket, he lies about the pain to appear strong in front of his friends.

Writer/Director - Warren Rodricks (he/him)

Producer - Bala Murali Shingade (he/him)


The Generation Gardener (documentary)

Steven shows the beauty and struggle of creating Bonsai as he rescues trees, runs a garden studio with his family and teaches the next generation of Bonsai artists in Aotearoa. 

Director - Luke Ross (he/him)

Producer - Alice Youngquest (she/her)