Someday Challenge


Any genre   |   Up to 5 minutes  |  For anyone up to the age of 24

We challenge you! To make a short, sustainability-related film, it can be any genre, filmed on any camera and up to five minutes long. It's open to anyone up to the age of 24* Entry into the Someday Challenge are totally free of charge!

Get creative! Sustainability is all about making sure our needs are met in the present while also making sure future generations' needs are met.

So you can interpret the theme of sustainability in many different ways!; for example, it could be related to a personal journey, whānau, society, economics, the environment, or many more sustainability themes. Watching winning films on our website may help give you ideas.

Registrations will open in early September!
We will then send you an Entry pack with everything you need to enter and make your film. 

Entries are judged by a panel made up from people in media, education, government and business. A total of 10 winning films are chosen. Prizes in past years have included camera equipment, vouchers, and trips to film production companies. Check out last year’s prizes here.

(*In 2021, up to the age of 24 means anyone born in 1997 or later, who is a citizen or resident of New Zealand, or who is studying or working lawfully in New Zealand)