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Someday Stories 4

A series of six sustainability-focused short films   
by emerging young film-makers from Aotearoa New Zealand.

The six films for Series 4 (2020) have now been commissioned and announced

The completed films will be screened by StuffMāori Television On Demand and Radio NZ.

The initiative is supported by NZ On Air, Te Māngai Pāho, The Vista Foundation and the New Zealand Film Commission.

The Six Films

Genre: Drama
Synopsis: A starry-eyed plus size teenager actively re-imagines the world around her as she encounters first love and first heartbreak.
Writer/Director: Grace Hood-Edwards 
Producer: Elana Tkatch
Production Mentor: Alix Whittaker

Blue Ecks
Genre: Animated Drama
Synopsis: When countless new tenants show up in his apartment, introverted Blue Ecks fights to preserve his privacy and keep his cactus alive.
Director: Bobby Stannard
Writer: Danny Lam
Producer: Puteri Raja Ariff
Production Mentor: Antony Elworthy

Genre: Drama
Synopsis: A young lawyer is asked to serve legal documents in a case she knows nothing about, and realises she might be more culpable than she'd hoped.
Writer/Director: Karin McCracken
Producer: Nicola Bailey
Production Mentor: Jackie van Beek

Genre: Drama
Synopsis: A waitress finds herself unable to speak up when put in a harmful situation by a customer in a position of power.
Writer: Rhiannon McCall
Director: Ella Hope-Higginson
Producer: Casey Latch
Production Mentor: Georgina Conder

Genre: Documentary
Synopsis: Aute explores the importance of preserving indigenous rituals and maintaining a harmonious relationship between the land and tangata whenua.
Director: Nicole Hunt
Producer: Eden Vawdrey
Production Mentor: Nicola Smith
Te Ao Māori advs: Komako Silver & Te Kuru Dewes

Nest 38
Genre: Documentary
Synopsis: A pair of Banded Dotterels attempt to defy the odds to raise their chicks on a surprisingly hostile New Zealand beach, as their self-appointed guardian Ailsa watches on.
Dir/Co-Producer: Tegan Good
Co-Producer: Tom Neunzerling
Production Mentor: Sarah Grohnert