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Proposals and Applications

Production teams who would like to make one of the six films need to email the following to no later than 5pm on Monday 25 November 2019:

  1. A completed application form:

    Someday Stories 2020 - Application Form

  2. A proposal (PDF preferred) of up to 10 pages, including:
    • Brief outline of the idea (synopsis)
    • Proposed content
    • Creative treatment, including a narrative outline if the film is to be a scripted drama.
    • Details of key production team members with biographical information relevant to their proposed production role
    • Links to previous films by key production team members
    • Production schedule indicating how the film can be produced to final cut stage from February to mid-June 2020
    • Information regarding work, study or other relevant commitments of production team members during 2020 and how those commitments are compatible with both the production schedule and the Selection Process outlined below
    • Marketing plan indicating how the production team will promote viewings of their film
  3. A production budget using the Budget Template:

    Someday Stories 2020 - Budget Template

  4. At least one letter of support from someone who knows the production team and can comment on their capacity to deliver on schedule

  5. If the film is to be a scripted drama, one of the following:
    • a first draft script
    • a credible scripting plan (eg if the script is to be derived from an improvisation process).

NB: Individual film-makers can be involved in more than one application but they will not be able to be part of the production team (or be involved in any significant role such as Director of Photography or Editor) for more than one of the six commissioned films.