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Multiple Submissions?

Individual film-makers may be involved in more than one application but upon being selected may only participate in one key role (e.g, Producer, Director, Editor, DOP etc) within one production team as opposed to two.

Compatible with Full-Time Study?

Making a film for Someday Stories is unlikely to be compatible with full-time study, except possibly during the final year of a tertiary film / tv / media studies course provided that making the film for Someday Stories is considered by the tertiary institution as also delivering a significant course requirement and manageable in the context of any other course commitments.
A letter would need to be provided by the tertiary institution outlining how making the film will be compatible with course requirements and commitments. The Outlook for Someday team would also need to liaise directly with relevant course personnel both prior to commissioning and during production of the film.

What if I don't have a producer?

Please get in touch with us before you apply - we will try our best to connect you with a person who might be interested.

Help! I don't know how to do a budget!

Please just do what you can and submit your application with an attempt at a budget. Depending on the strength of your application and your team, we will support you as best we can to craft a realistic budget. (Hint: if there is a helicopter in your script, it's likely to blow the budget).

Do I need to make an environmental film?

The Outlook for Someday is a sustainability film project. We do love environmental films, but that said, if you take a look at the films from the last four series of Someday Stories, they cover many different perspectives on sustainability. We want you to make the film that has meaning for you.