Filmmaking Challenge


Someday Challenge Entries are judged by a panel made up of people in media, education, government, and business. A total of 10 winning films are chosen. Prizes in past years have included camera equipment, vouchers, and trips to film production companies.
Here are the questions our Judging Team asks themselves to decide which films are Winning Films.
  1. Is the film relevant to the theme of sustainability and does it show us your 'outlook for someday?'
  2. Are the idea(s) and/or message(s) clear?
  3. How well does the visual and audio approach support the idea(s) and/or message(s)?
  4. How well does the visual and audio quality support the content of the film?
  5. Is the film original / creative / distinctive / powerful / challenging / inspiring / funny?
  6. Does the film just grab the judges and demand to be chosen for a reason they can't explain?
That last question is our 'wildcard' question. Sometimes a film is a great film precisely because it doesn't fit with existing ideas, guidelines, or formulas. It just stands out. We think the starting point for a film like that is when you decide to make a film about something you really care about. And finally, if you want to win, remember that quality and content are both important. If your film has great ideas but we can’t see them or hear them properly, then those great ideas are wasted on the Judges. And if it’s a technical masterpiece but a boring imitation of something else, then all those techniques are wasted too.