Someday Challenge


The Someday Challenge is a filmmaking challenge for anyone under the age of 25 to make a short film about an issue they care about. 

The Someday Challenge has been empowering Aotearoa’s young people to tell stories about issues they care about and share their stories through the medium of film since 2007. Enter The Someday Challenge 2022 and join our wide community of Someday Filmmakers!

The Someday Challenge is free to enter, we select 10 winning films and there are lots of prizes to be won. So start making your film today!

Registration is open for The Someday Challenge 2022 so register here today!- Registration Form

The entry deadline is the 9th of September 2022. 

  1. Make a short, sustainability-related film of any genre! 
  2. Be a New Zealand Resident! 
  3. Keep your film under Five Minutes!
  4. Entrants can be up to the age of 24!*
  5. Make sure you have permission for yourself, your team members, and actors and for music and any stock images you use! Find forms here - Release forms

What do we mean by sustainability? 

Sustainability is all about making sure our needs are met in the present while also making sure future generations' needs are met. So you can interpret the theme of sustainability in many different ways!; for example, it could be related to a personal journey, whānau, society, economics, the environment, or many more sustainability themes. Watching winning films on our website may help give you ideas.

(*In 2022, up to the age of 24 means anyone born in 1998 or later, who is a citizen or resident of New Zealand, or who is studying or working lawfully in New Zealand)